Rhode Island's Largest & America's Longest Underground Automated Range!



24-Stations: Rifle, Pistol, Archery, FATS® & Golf Sim






Rhode Island’s Largest & America’s Longest Underground Automated Range!



Rhode Island's Largest & America's Longest Underground Automated Range!



24-Stations: Rifle, Pistol, Archery, FATS® & Golf Sim



The Range
at The Preserve.
Four 150 Yard Lanes


4 – 150 Yard Rifle Lanes (longest underground automated range in America)


15 – 100′ Indoor Pistol Lanes

15 100 Foot Lanes


Designated Indoor Lanes for 3D Archery


High Tech Heating & Cooling Ventilation System

The Preserve Academy

Firearm Safety Class Schedule

Announcing The Range and The Sporting Shoppe

The Range, America’s longest underground automated range and Rhode Island’s largest, encompasses four 150-yard rifle lanes and 15 100-foot pistol lanes featuring Meggitt automated wireless target control systems, plus 3D Archery and Golf Simulation and Fire Arms Training Simulation (FATS©)  rooms.  There are no caliber restrictions in our fully heated and air conditioned facility.  Available to members are a two-story trophy wall, reach-in humidor, lounges, and a locker room.

Also located in this new, 50,000 sf Lodge is the Sporting Shoppe.  Created in the tradition of history’s legendary expedition outfitters and open to the public seven days a week, this two-level, 15,000 sf retail space offers $10 million of inventory, including bespoke FAMARS shotguns and rifles, a wide array of long guns, pistols and ammunition at the lowest prices, equipment and supplies for every imaginable outdoor sporting and adventure activity, all-season clothing, formal wear, and cigars.  There is even a Sporting Shoppe outfitting program, sharing only our best hunting, fishing, and photography guides from across the globe.

Membership Levels


MARKSMAN – Shoot 150-yards indoors with Meggitt, wireless, target retrieval systems and set new standards for challenges met and skills developed.  Along with full range access, you will be entitled to free gun rentals and guest passes, and receive timely notifications of Preserve Academy classes. Become a member and elevate your shooting experience in ways no other range can match.*

SHARPSHOOTER — This single or family membership offers all the excitement of the most advanced shooting range in America, plus private members’ entrance, lounge, and locker room.  Your hours will be extended, and you will be entitled to additional discounts in the range and The Sporting Shoppe.  Best of all, you will enjoy year-round access to The Preserve pool, tennis, fitness center, spa services, and members’ clubhouse dining.  This is your first step into The Preserve’s 3,500 acres of adventure, exclusivity, and serenity.*

EXPERT – The ultimate range membership delivers all the benefits of the Sharpshooter, plus additional range hours, and year-round access to The Preserve’s world class, 20-station sporting clays course.  Shoot rifles, pistols and archery all in a climate controlled, amenity-rich facility, and bring your skills to the next level in our state-of-the-art Firearms Training Simulation (FATS®), and golf simulation rooms, later relax with refreshments in our VIP members’ lounge.  All this awaits the Expert, plus upgrading to a Ram or full Preserve membership is easily facilitated – just as it should be for a member of The Preserve Family.*

*Call 401.247-GUNS or e-mail for further details and to reserve your membership now.

Additional Amenities

Not only do we have shooting but you can enjoy our pool and tennis courts too. The Range at The Preserve will be the latest and greatest in the indoor range industry.

The Range is truly One-Of-A-Kind featuring…

  • (FATS®) Firearms Training Simulator
  • No Caliber Restrictions
  • Golf Simulator
  • 22 100′ Target Lanes
  • 150 Yards Underground
  • Hi-Tech Heat and AC Ventilation System
  • Private Members Lounge and Entrances

Information presented on this website is subject to change. Typing errors and misprints are not binding. Some restrictions may apply. Contact our sales team for more information regarding memberships.

The Finest Brands

The Sporting Shoppe, Purveyor of The Finest Brands


What We Carry

Some of the items you will find at The Sporting Shoppe.

  • Guns (Rifles, Shotguns, and Pistols)

  • Knives

  • Watches

  • Flashlights

  • Clothing

  • Clothing accessories

  • Luggage

  • Bags and packs

  • Fishing rods

  • Fishing Reels

  • Fishing Gear

  • Hunting and shooting accessories

  • Ammunition

  • Artwork

  • Optics

  • Camping Gear

  • Cigars

  • Athletic apparel and accessories

  • Golf gear

  • Footwear

150 Yard Rifle Lanes
High-Tech Targeting System
FATS (Firearm Training Simulator)

Get in Touch

Have a question about our facility? Interested in membership?

The Range

at The Preserve

87 Kingstown Road
Richmond, Rhode Island 02898, USA

The Range at The Preserve is Rhode Island’s Largest and America’s longest underground automated range with 150-YARD-LANES! 24 stations for rifle, pistol and archery with no caliber restrictions, and Firearms Training Simulation (FATS) and Golf Simulation rooms. Members’ lounges and locker rooms available. Some restrictions may apply.